Vehicle Removal

Coronavirus (COVID-19): change to service

Most public car parks have now reopened with social distancing measures in place. Parking enforcement rules are now in place.

See further information about changes to services.

A vehicle may be towed away if it is parked illegally, or it is causing a major obstruction.

If you believe your vehicle has been towed, please contact Bourne Transport or GRS Recovery where the vehicle will be stored.

  • Bourne Transport: 01202 912949
  • GRS Recovery: 01202 593939

You must call to arrange collection of your vehicle. Vehicle storage is open from 9am to 6pm.

Reasons for vehicle removal

We will issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) when a vehicle is parked illegally. However, in some cases we may also remove the vehicle.

We may tow away if the vehicle:

  • is parked in a disabled space but is not displaying a blue badge
  • displays a fake or fraudulent blue badge
  • is parked using a fraudulent permit, voucher, scratch card or pay and display ticket - including fraudulent cashless parking or virtual permits
  • is parked in a manner that causes dangerous obstruction to emergency services or other road users
  • is found parked illegally on multiple occasions.

Costs for vehicle removal and release

The owner or keeper of the vehicle will pay for the following costs where appropriate. This is in addition to the charges on the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

  • £105.00 for the vehicle removal under TMA legislation
  • £12.00 per day for vehicle storage, for each day or part day during which the vehicle is impounded commencing from midnight (23:59) on the day following removal of a vehicle
  • £50.00 to dispose of a vehicle.