Muscliff Arboretum

An interesting selection of trees from around the world

You'll find Muscliff arboretum by the River Stour in Muscliff, north Bournemouth. The arboretum contains a wide variety of interesting trees from around the world such as Monkey Puzzle, Eucalyptus, Silver Maple and many more.

Why not pay a visit and discover some of the trees to be found here?

Tree trail

The Stour Valley Supporters Group and the Bournemouth Tree Wardens created a tree trail for the site. These two groups worked together to provide over 60 identification labels for many of the trees.

The tree list names all the trees that have been identified, and each has been given a number. The positions of these numbered trees are shown on the location plan

Memorial trees

This is an ideal location to arrange for a memorial tree to be planted.

 Contact our team to find out how to do this.

How to get there


If walking, you can get to the arboretum directly from Muscliff Lane.

From the top of Muscliff Lane, go down passed Granby Road on your left. Then the primary school on your right. Then through the traffic control point.

The entrance is then just a short way further on, on the left. This is the entrance to use if you want to find the trees in their number order.

By car

If you come by car, we suggest parking in Granby road car park (BH9 3NZ). 

From the car park (free parking), walk down to the river. Turn right at the river along the wide gravel path.

Follow the track for a short distance to a cottage on your right. 

At the junction of tracks, you will see some steps in the bank ahead of you. They lead up into the arboretum.

To avoid the steps, you can continue along the track parallel with the river. Enter the arboretum at the far end of the track.