Pug's Hole

One of our smallest nature reserves is a hidden gem with a big history 

The site is named after a local smuggler called Captain Pug. He was believed to have buried his treasure here.

Just west of Meyrick Park golf course, Pug’s Hole is a valley with steep wooded slopes. A path leads down through the valley, or you can take the wooded trails that run around the site. None of the paths are paved, so this site is unsuitable for wheelchairs.

Trees you can see at Pug’s Hole include Scots pines, hazel, rowan and sycamore.  These are home to birds such as woodpeckers, nuthatches, coal tits and treecreepers.

This site is included in our Woodland and Urban Tree strategy, which helps make sure we care for woodlands in the right way. 

Use our map to find out where Pug’s Hole and our other parks and nature reserves are.