Turbary Common

One of our most important nature reserves

Turbary common is the largest area of heathland in north Bournemouth and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The habitats at this site include scrub, wooded areas and wet and dry heath.  It is the heathland which makes this site so important.

There are many rare and important wildlife species that live here including Dartford warblers, long-winged conehead crickets and all six species of British reptile. Plants include the carnivorous sundew, and the bog asphodel.

Our on-site information board has more information.

Visitor information

There are some hard-surfaced paths and some sandy paths on the site. Some paths can be muddy so check the weather conditions before coming. 

Some areas are suitable for wheelchairs but you need a radar key to open the gates.  Speak to our parks team for more information.

We use grazing animals to help us manage the site so ask that you keep your dogs under control.  Find out more about how we care for our natural spaces by reading our management plan.  This also includes information about specific areas within Turbary Common (such as Fernheath - highlighted in the management plan as 'working compartments'.

There are occasional guided walks throughout the year.  Use our map to find out where Turbary Common and our other parks and nature reserves are.