Livestock Grazing and Management

We manage a number of local nature reserves which have fragile and special habitats

Using livestock grazing to manage these areas is an effective and environmentally friendly way to look after natural habitats, the benefits include:

  • Stopping unwanted scrub and tree growth
  • Allowing nature to manage itself
  • Providing a much wider range of vegetation types
  • Helping wildlife

Why do natural areas need to be managed?

Some of our habitats have been designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest which means they are protected.  Using grazing to manage these areas helps maintain fragile habitats. 

Without management some plants and animals that are not natural to this area could become established and damage local wildlife and habitats.

The livestock we use

We have around 60 cattle and ten British feral goats. The breeds of cattle we have include Belted Galloways, British Whites and Shetland. 

We have chosen breeds that are known for having a calm nature around people and other animals.  If you visit one of our grazing sites please help our animals by not frightening them and follow these rules:

  • Please keep your dogs under close control
  • Please close gates behind you
  • If you see anything that worries you, for example you think one of our grazing animals is ill or injured, please tell the Rangers for that area straight away.

Stour Valley Rangers (north Bournemouth) 01202 128484

Hengistbury Head Rangers (south Bournemouth) 01202 128444