Trees in Bournemouth

Our arboricultural services team looks after all of our trees

We have a huge number and variety of trees here in Bournemouth, from the pine trees to street trees that provide fine displays of colour in the autumn. 

We have several wooded areas and ten nature reserves with lots of native tree species, such as oak, ash, silver birch, alder, hazel and rowan. We also have lots of trees from around the world, you can see most of them in Bournemouth Gardens if you follow our tree trail

Reporting problems with trees

If you spot a problem with trees on or near your property, please fill out a Tree Works Request form.  If you see anything that worries you about the trees in our public spaces, for example damage or a dangerous break, please report the tree location to us.

Identifying trees at risk

If you are concerned about trees near your workplace our arboricultural services team can offer help and advice for educational institutions, insurance and legal companies, planning offices and property businesses.  

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