Hicks Farm Proposal (SANG)

Public exhibitions planned for Hicks Farm greenspace development

Plans to create 12 hectares of greenspace at Hicks Farm, Throop, are moving forward.

Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)

suitable alternative natural greenspace (SANG)

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The land is being converted into a SANG to offset the impact that new developments in the town centre, including the Winter Gardens Development, have on protected heathland habitats. SANGs have been designed to provide an attractive environment to encourage passive recreational uses including walking, cycling and dog walking.

Have your say

Residents can have their say on the Council’s planning application, which is being submitted this Autumn.

They are being held on:

  • Wednesday 4 September from 4-8pm at Holdenhurst Village Hall and
  • Tuesday 10 September from 4-8pm at Muscliff Community Centre.

Proposals for Hicks Farm, which had previously been used primarily for private grazing, include a change of use to an attractive natural greenspace, creating a network of new paths, access to a stretch of the River Stour, new tree planting and the reinstatement of hedgerows to improve wildlife habitats. It will also include a new 20 space car park.

Chapman Lily Planning Limited are sending out this flyer to local residents, from the 24 August 2019.

Read the full press release.

Other Hicks Farm Projects

This application is only for work to deliver a SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace).

It does not relate to work to restore the farm buildings as part of a community farm project at Hicks Farm. Find out more about the separate Hicks Farm Project.