Legionella inspection

If your facility has been closed for some time (more than a week or two), we strongly recommend that as Duty Holder you flush through all your hot and cold water systems before use.

To flush through all your hot and cold water systems, run all outlets for a while (at least several minutes), not forgetting the furthest points from the mains inlet/boiler. 

This should make sure that all water in the system is fresh and should reduce the risk of Legionella. 

Please be aware of possible aerosol expulsion of bacteria from outlets. The person carrying this out should either leave the area immediately after opening taps etc or wear suitable protection to prevent inhalation. The risk is very low and Legionella can only be contracted by inhaling the fine droplets e.g. from a shower.

If you have any queries then please email your usual BCP Council contact to discuss.