Catering Establishments

Take away only and removal of seating

Please be aware of the new regulations that came into force on Thursday 5 November and will be in place at least until 23:59hrs on 2 December.

You can continue to operate a takeaway service for your food however the regulations are clear that food and drink must not be provided for consumption on the premises. 

The regulations are also clear on seating arrangements outside your premises, whether provided by you or others. 

Seating must not be provided outside or adjacent to your premises. 

If you normally provide external seating e.g. picnic tables/benches then please make sure these are taken out of use immediately. 

This can be done by storing seating so it can’t be used, closing off seating areas so it can’t be accessed or removing seating from site. 

Past experience has shown that just taping areas off does not tend to work.

For smaller items such as tables and chairs, please ensure they are not put out for your customers.

Thank you for your cooperation during these difficult times