Parks Tenants

We act as landlord to many different businesses and sports providers in our parks and gardens. If you're a tenant of BCP Council (Parks) check here regularly for updated contractor listing, news, alerts and more.

Building-related emergencies

If you have a building-related emergency or, your building issue happens out of hours, please contact the Building Maintenance team on 01202 458100.

Please do not contact any contractor directly. You must go through the Building Maintenance team. Any direct contractor call outs will be liable for a charge directly to the tenant.

For help with issues relating to your building, or questions regarding your agreement

Contact the Contracts Team on 01202 451674.

BCP Council contractors

If you are contacted directly by a contractor who is not on this list please call the Contracts Team on 01202 451674 to get it checked.

If urgent you can always check with 01202 458100.

If you use a contractor that is not approved by the Council, you may be liable for the charges. This list is updated each time a new contract is awarded so please check here for the latest nominated contractors.


Responsible for:

Unique Fire and Security

Fire equipment servicing

Fix a Door

Doors and Shutters

Aqua Care

Water related products

AK Controls

Boiler Care

M&J Security

Security Services

Southern Security Services

Security Services

Pat-Safe UK Ltd 

Portable Appliance Testing 

Rescue Rod

Drain Clearance

Venti-Clean Ltd 

Ventilation Cleaning 

Chroma Vision Ltd 


Dawe Roofing

Roofing Contractor 

SSE Contracting Ltd 


Dorset Electrical & Fire Alarms 

Fire and intruder alarms and emergency lighting