Parks Tenants

We act as landlord to many different businesses and sports providers in our parks and gardens. If you're a tenant of BCP Council (Parks) check here regularly for updated contractor listing, news, alerts and more.

Rent and Licence Fees Sept 20

Rent payments and licence fees from 1st September 2020 for BCP Council Parks and open spaces

Return of sport and recreation

Guidance for the public, providers of outdoor sport facilities and others on the phased return of sport and recreation.

Data collection for track and trace

Track and trace is now a way of life, enabling our businesses to re-open safely. Learn how to collect data safely

Hospitality Industry from 4th July

Many parts of the hospitality industry will be able to reopen on 4 July 2020 as long as they are COVID-19 compliant.

BCP Council contractors

If you use a contractor that is not approved by the council, you may be liable for the charges

Building-related emergencies

Who to call if you need to call out help for a building issue out of hours

Legionella inspection

If your facility has been closed for more than a week or two, flush the hot and cold water systems to reduce the risk of Legionella

Site Security and building inspections

Site inspection advice for closed buildings during this period of restrictions of movement and social distancing due to Covid-19