Site Security and building inspections

Keeping our buildings safe

Building inspections while buildings are not in use

Please remember to continue with regular building inspections if you are not using your building for normal activities.

Inspections need to be carried out weekly and need to include a check on building security, removal of post delivered, heating is on low, no water leaks (roof or internal system), alarms systems are working etc.  It also helps to keep a record of when you have visited the premises.

Also remember before bringing a building back into use to carry out a Legionella inspection and check items such as fire equipment is in date and serviceable.

How to report problems

  • For Bournemouth Park tenants email Ed Alexander to report issues (or call if urgent call 07973 216063).
  • For Parks tenants of Christchurch and Poole, please report to your usual contact.

Keep keyholder information up to date

Please make sure we have the latest keyholder information.