Our Green Flag Award Winning Spaces

The Green Flag is awarded to areas that are managed in a sustainable way

The Green Flag is a national award, it is run by the charity Keep Britain Tidy.  Flags are awarded to areas that meet high environmental standards and are safe and well managed.

We have been awarded a number of Green Flags for our public parks and gardens.  Bournemouth is in the UK’s top ten.  Below is a list of the areas awarded a Green Flag in 2018:

  1. Alum chine and Argyll gardens (pictured)
  2. Boscombe chine gardens
  3. Boscombe Overcliff Gardens and Nature Reserve
  4. Fisherman’s walk
  5. Hengistbury Head
  6. Kinson common
  7. Lower, Central and Upper gardens
  8. Moore avenue
  9. Muscliff Park
  10. North Cemetery
  11. Pelhams park
  12. Queens park
  13. Redhill park and common
  14. Seafield gardens
  15. Slades farm
  16. Springbourne gardens
  17. Stour valley
  18. Tuckton Tea Gardens & Riverlands
  19. Winton recreation ground

Royal Bournemouth Hospital, managed separately, also holds a Green Flag award, taking the total in the Borough to 20.