The History of Winton Recreation Ground

A snapshot of how Winton Recreation Ground has developed since it first opened in 1906

The land was given to us by the Earl of Malmesbury in 1904 on the understanding that we’d make it a public recreation ground.

The official opening took place in 1906 and the locals reported that

"The Earl and Countess of Malmesbury opened the new Recreation Ground at Winton, consisting of 14 acres (5.75 ha) and was generously presented by the Earl of Malmesbury.  The bowling green at one corner has already been opened, there has now been laid out a cricket ground surrounding which is a very good racing track for sports, and close by is a football ground, a children’s play area is to follow." - The Bournemouth Graphic, September 27, 1906.

To celebrate the opening of the new bowling green in 1935, club members played a special match against the council team.

During WWII the site was put to other uses which included air raid shelters, warden posts and temporary cleaning stations.

In 1956 the tennis courts were moved to their current location. In 1980 the play scheme building was added for pre-school children.

There was lots of damage to the site following the big storms in 1987 and 1990. Major replanting work was carried out at these times.  Today the site is a popular community area for sports, recreation and events.