Report A Problem With Trees

We are responsible for the management of street trees, and trees within Bournemouth's parks, gardens, woodlands, public open spaces and countryside sites. 

Report a dangerous tree, branch or situation involving a tree

What we need to know when you report a tree problem

  • accurate location for the tree
  • as much information as you can about why you think the tree is dangerous

Request pruning of trees that are not dangerous

We are are the same as any other tree owner in that we do not have to prune or fell our trees unless they present a significant risk or damage to property.

We may consider a request if the work does not adversely affect the long-term health and stability of the tree.

Submit a Tree Work request form

Professional tree services

We also offer a range of services to help manage the risk of trees causing damage to people or property .

If you are concerned about trees near your workplace our arboricultural services team can offer help and advice. This can be for educational institutions, insurance and legal companies, planning offices and property businesses.