Paying Other Bills, Invoices or Accounts

You can pay your bill or invoice with a debit card via Santander BillPay

It's easy to pay your bills and invoices to us online, you just need your invoice reference

Paying online

Pay Online

You can pay online with a debit card or credit card.

For invoices that start with a "P" select 'General Invoice'. You need your reference ready.

Santander BillPay

You can pay by debit card by using Santander BillPay.

You just need to select 'Bournemouth B.C.' on the BillPay website, for invoices that start with a P select 'Bournemouth B.C. (Misc Accounts 'P' Invoices)'. You need your reference ready.

Please note - The Council is looking to remove this payment method by the end of the financial year. The new 'Pay Online' method will operate in the same way as the BillPay option but will not require rekeying of information as per the previous HSBC Online payment method.

If you've never used Santander BillPay before you'll need to register. 

If you have problems then call their Help Desk on 0151 966 2105 between 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.