Pest Control Prices

Find out how much we charge for dealing with pests and infestations

Property Visit

To identify pests, or check your property for pests £30.

If we undertake treatment this cost is not charged. If you have already paid this charge and subsequently decide to have the pests treated by us we will take £30 off your treatment bill.


Domestic Rodents

Rats   £65.00   

Mice (indoors only)   £65.00  


Internal £47.00 

External building -  £42.00 

Garden - £35.00 

Each additional nest - £15.00 

Is It Bees or Wasps?

At this time of year it is common for bees to be reported as wasps. Our Property Visit service can identify whether the problem you are reporting is bees or wasps but we cannot treat bees. If we visit your property and identify your problem as bees we will charge you a £30 Property Visit fee as detailed at the top of this page.