Report a mice problem

Please call 01202 261700 to book a treatment.

You can find advice for controlling mice on the British Pest Control Association website.


Charges are payable before treatment starts.

Domestic properties

£96.50 (including VAT) for a course of treatments up to 4 visits, which is sufficient to eradicate all but the most extensive infestations, after this an additional £16 (including VAT) per visit will be payable.

If you are in receipt of one, or a combination of, the following benefits treatment will be free:

Proof of benefits will be required and checked prior to treatment being carried out. 

Commercial properties (including churches and schools)

The commercial charge is:

  • £78 per hour during duty hours (excluding VAT)
  • £116 Outside duty hours (excluding VAT)
  • £152 Sunday/Bank Holidays (excluding VAT)
  • £39 Additional visits (excluding VAT)

Booking the treatment

Please phone us on 01202 261700 during working hours, (9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4.30pm Fridays) where our staff will provide advice and make an appointment for treatment.

Appointments are arranged Monday to Friday:

  • mornings (between 8am and 12 noon)
  • afternoons (between 12 noon and 4pm)

We are unable to provide an exact appointment time.

You can pay using credit (not American Express) or debit card when booking an appointment or by cash or cheque (payable to BCP Council) on the day of treatment before it has been started.


If you are a private tenant, (or tenant of a housing association) you can:

  • pay for the service yourself as detailed above 
  • ask your landlord to contact us to arrange treatment (as detailed above), if it is their responsibility 

Full charges apply.

What to do before and after the treatment

Please let us know if you have children or pets so we can carry out an assessment and find the best location to place poison.

Poison can be laid in specific hard wearing bait boxes to keep the bait safely away from your pets and children.

Dead mice can be placed in your black bin after double bagging them.

Wear disposable gloves and make sure you wash your hands after disposing of them.