Pest Control

We provide a limited pest treatment service for householders covering wasps only. Prices for wasp treatment services.

If you have other pests in your home or business premises, please contact a pest control contractor to have them treated.

Where To Find A Pest Control Contractor

Look in business listings such as Yellow Pages under “Pest & Vermin Control Services” or search online. There will be a charge for these services which you will pay direct to the contractor.

Pests On Another Premises

If you are being affected by pests which are present on another premises, firstly bring the matter to the attention of the landowner (if you know who they are) and ask them to treat the pests. 

If this is not successful, you can contact Community Enforcement on 01202 451296 Option 1 or email If proven, we can require landowners to take steps to ensure that their land is free from rats, mice and certain other pests.

Council Tenants Affected By Pests

If you have a problem with rats, mice or squirrels, contact your housing department who will arrange treatment for you.