Planning and building control

When you plan to do any work to your property you may need to apply for planning permission or building regulation approval. Where relevant we make sure that all building work complies with our planning policies.  We make current planning applications public to allow residents to see what work is taking place.

Apply for planning permission

Check if you need planning permission before starting any work or if you project falls under permitted development rules.

Search and comment on applications

You can view current planning application and decisions online. You'll be able to comment on current applications too.

Report a planning breach

If you suspect that work is being carried out without permission you can report a planning breach to us.

Building control

We use Building Control to make sure that all buildings are safe, easily accessed and energy efficient.

Urban design, trees and conservation

Find out about our urban design policy, tree preservation orders and our conservation areas.

Planning policy

Find out about all our plans, policies and strategies. This includes our Local Plan for Bournemouth.

Local land charges

How to search for the Local Land Charges that apply to a property.