Email - Secure Encryption Portal

A short guide on how to use our secure encrypted portal for communications with the Council


The following instructions demonstrate how to reply to encrypted emails from Bournemouth Borough Council sent using the Secure Encrypted Portal. The purpose of this facility is to enable Bournemouth Borough Council staff to have secure 'Two Way' email communications with you. Emails sent using this method require you to log into a secure website to read and reply to them.

Secure email portal

Usage Instructions


Before reading or replying to a Secure Encrypted Portal email please ensure the following pre-requisites have been met


Step 1

The first time you receive a Secure Encrypted Portal email from Bournemouth Borough Council you will be required to set-up a login on the Secure Encryption Portal before reading encrypted emails.

Your first encrypted email will look like the email below. Clicking the highlighted link will allow the you to set-up your login on the Secure Encryption Portal.

Instruction 1


You will need to populate the login activation form with your unique information

Login activation


Following first use activation you will be passed to the Secure Encryption Portal login page automatically, or on subsequent use, you can just click the link in the email notification received to state that a secure email message is waiting for you.

On first sign on activation you will be passed to the Secure Encryption Portal login page



Step 2

You can now access the waiting secure encrypted email(s) and reply securely if required; any reply from you using the Secure Encryption Portal will be delivered securely back to Bournemouth Borough Council.

Accessing secure encrypted emails


Once you have read your encrypted email a notification will be sent to the sender in Bournemouth Borough Council letting them know.


Frequently Asked Questions

Recipient Question


I cannot access the links on the email which direct me to

Speak to your ICT administrator to allow you unrestricted access to this URL as you have a business requirement to use it.