Apply for a dropped kerb

You can apply for a dropped kerb in front of your driveway to allow access to your property

If you want to cross the pavement to access your property, you must get a dropped kerb. You are not permitted to drive over a pavement which has not been constructed for that purpose.

We provide a quotation and construction service if you need to drop the kerb outside your property to access your land or driveway.  

How much it costs

The initial site inspection costs £110. If your application is refused, you decide to use your own contractor or do not to go ahead with the job we cannot refund the £110 inspection fee.

Before you apply

Before applying, you should read about the restrictions of having a dropped kerb installed. You may also need planning permission if:

  • your driveway is on a main road
  • you are creating a new driveway by resurfacing a garden
  • your property is a listed building

Apply for a dropped kerb

To apply, please complete our dropped kerb application form so we can inspect the driveway.

The application fee is £110 (payable on application - non refundable)

What happens next

We will visit your property to establish if you’re eligible for this service and provide a quote.

If you decide to arrange for your own contractor to carry out the work they will need to be a Streetworks accredited contractor. They they will need to apply for S171 licence to work on the highway.