Dropped Kerbs

Make it easier to get to your driveway while preventing damage to your car and the pavement

If you need the kerb dropped outside your property you can apply online.

Once you’ve applied we’ll come and visit your property. This is to see if anything needs to be removed before we can get started. For example trees or streetlights.

Everyone has to have a site visit before we can give a quote for how much it’ll cost to get your kerb dropped. The visit fee is £110 and is non-refundable.

You might need to do a little work to make the area ready beforehand, or apply for planning permission but we’ll tell you about this when we come and visit your property.

Useful points to remember when you apply

We assess all applications for vehicle access individually and cannot guarantee your application will be approved. We’ll only consider your dropped kerb application if you follow the guidelines below:

  • If your property is in a block of flats or fronts on to a classified road you must have Planning Permission if you want a dropped kerb. Prices start from £206 for a single household, £407 for more than one household and £234 for commercial. 

    You must only use us or a Street Works Accredited contractor to drop your kerb.
  • You must have paid all of the fees we ask for in the application. Please note that all fees are non-refundable.
  • If you’re putting in a new driveway you must make sure it has proper drainage and that water will not spill out on to the public pavements or road.

If we’ve asked you to do any work to your driveway you must finish it before we can get started

Parking in front of a dropped kerb

It’s against the law to park in front of a dropped kerb because you are blocking access and you could get a fine.

If people park in front of your house and you have a dropped kerb then you should let our Parking team know about it on 01202 451268.

Access protection marking

You can apply to have a white H (Access Protection Marking) painted on the street outside your property.  This clearly shows people not to park in that space and will cost £200. Speak to our Highways team if you’d like more information.