Access Protection Marking

Highlight your dropped kerb access to your property with an Access Protection Marking

If you have a dropped kerb outside your property you can apply to have a white H line painted on the street to highlight your access. This clearly shows people not to park in that space and block your access and will cost £200.

To refresh an existing access protection marking (APM), please contact us via the Traffic Management Team link at the bottom of the page. 

Useful points to note before you apply for an APM:

  • Unlike a yellow line the APM is not enforceable, but it is designed to highlight the access in order to deter obstruction.
  • If your access has a dropped kerb and is blocked by parked vehicles this may be enforced with a fine by our parking enforcement officers with or without an APM.
  • If your dropped kerb is blocked by parked vehicles you should contact the Council’s Parking Enforcement Officer on 01202 451268
  • An access is enforceable with or without an APM
  • The marking will cover the extent of your dropped kerb (including the tapers on either side) and no further
  • Installation is dependent upon local road conditions and a marking will not be considered if the access does not have a dropped kerb access over the footway
  • You can apply one APM that covers two access points, provided they are immediately adjacent to one another and covered by either one long dropped kerb or two separate dropped kerbs no more than 4.5m apart (approx. 5 kerb widths)
  • You can apply for a marking to cover both your and your neighbour's marking with your neighbour's consent
  • Although the APM would cover two properties, we require a single payment in full (if splitting the costs with a neighbour, it is still the responsibility of the applicant to pay in full and obtain any monies from the neighbour separately)
  • Applications will be grouped and progressed at regular intervals throughout the year; therefore, there may be a delay between making your request and any work being completed

Supporting Information Required

  • Proof of Residence (copy of Council Tax Bill, Utility Bill or similar, clearly stating your name and address) 

You can contact the Traffic Management Team if you’d like more information.