Street Lighting: Choice & Maintenance

How we choose and maintain your streetlights

How do we choose street lighting?

When we design Bournemouth’s street lighting we think about:

  • Energy efficiency
  • How to minimise light pollution
  • Purchase of electricity
  • The durability of the equipment
  • The cost of maintaining the equipment

All electricity used for powering the street lighting in Bournemouth comes from renewable resources.

Gas Street Lighting

Bournemouth Council has 27 street lights powered by gas. These are situated in the conservation area of Throop and one in the town centre. These units are maintained weekly as many of the units are still operated by a clockwork mechanism to turn on the gas.

How do we maintain street lighting?

Planned maintenance cleaning and visual checks

Every 24 months we carry out a visual, electrical, structural and mechanical inspection to make sure that the lights are in safe working order. We also clean the lantern.

Illuminated traffic bollards

Bollards are cleaned twice each year. We change the lamps once a year.

Certified Electrical Test

All illuminated street furniture has a certified electrical test carried out every 6 years to comply with B.S.7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations.