Abandoned Vehicles

It’s our job to remove abandoned vehicles from the roads around the town. If you notice an abandoned vehicle, please report it to us.

Abandoned cars or vans affect the quality of life in a neighbourhood. They can become dangerous if vandalised or filled with rubbish. 

How to tell if a vehicle has been abandoned

Before you get in touch, please check the vehicle is definitely abandoned:

  • The tyres are flat.
  • Wheels are missing.
  • The windscreen or windows are broken.
  • It’s going mouldy.
  • It’s full of rubbish.
  • The number plates are missing.
  • There are wires hanging from the dashboard.
  • It’s been vandalised inside or out.
  • It’s suddenly appeared in your road and none of your neighbours know who it belongs to.

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

If you can, give the following information:

  • The exact location of the vehicle.
  • The registration number.
  • The make, model and colour.
  • The date it was abandoned.

Report an abandoned vehicle.

By working together we can keep Bournemouth a cleaner, safer, greener place to live and visit.