Apply To Close A Road

Find out how you can apply for a temporary road closure for works on the highway or street parties

For street works

All work on the highway must be approved in advance by us. For approval please apply for a Section 50 Street Works Licence (SWL) by complying with these guidance notes and submitting the relevant application:

You must ensure all planning conditions have been met, as a Section 50 Licence does not overrule any planning constraints.

Applying for a road closure for street works

For works to be carried out safely on or near the highway you may require a road or footpath closure, parking restriction or similar. If so, you must apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order. There are conditions and fees attached to applying so please read  the terms of application attached to the form carefully before submitting it. 

Please do contact us if you wish to discuss before applying. 

Road closures for street parties and community events

Small residential street parties

Complete our application form to hold a street party in your road. We've also compiled some helpful guidance notes which explain the conditions of holding a street party. There is no fee for the temporary traffic order to close the road, however, you may incur further charges as described below.

If your street party is approved you will need insurance indemnity. We have a Risk Assessment form to help you think about potential hazards and risks at your event, and how these could be minimised.

You must sign the road closure with standard 'Road Closed' signs. We have a limited number of signs available for hire, for approved street parties only. Hire costs £10 per sign plus a deposit of £20 per sign which is refunded when the signs are returned. We explain how to hire our signs if your application if approved. You also need provide suitable high visibility barriers alongside the 'Road Closed' sign.

Large community events and parades

You must submit both an events application form and a road closure application form. The routes available for parades are restricted in the town centre, and only the approved routes will be considered. All conditions of the road closure application must be met, so please ensure you read these before submitting your form. The fee for producing the traffic order for community events is waived, however you may still incur traffic management costs depending on your event.

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