Which roads in Bournemouth are gritted?

Bournemouth's Winter Maintenance service runs from October to March. Our job is to keep the main roads around Bournemouth as safe as possible for drivers and pedestrians when the weather’s bad. Please take extra care when driving in dangerous conditions, especially if the roads are icy or frosty, or if it’s snowing.

We’ll grit the busiest roads including:

  • Main bus routes
  • Key commuter routes
  • Roads to hospitals

If it’s snowing, we expand the area we grit and salt to include:

  • Many residential routes
  • Schools of a larger size
  • Surfaces in key locations

The gritting routes can be seen on our Resilient Network Gritting Map.

Are footpaths gritted?

If we have the resources, we’ll try to keep footways in town centres, school areas and bus stops cleared of snow to keep conditions safe for pedestrians.

How can I get a salt bin for my road?

If you would like a salt bin for your road, please call us on 01202 451199. We’ll come and assess your road to see if you need a salt bin.

We also have over 110 salt bins throughout the town. Both residents and visitors can use these when they need to grit any icy driveways. We encourage you to take care of your neighbours in winter weather conditions, especially the elderly.

Subject to availability we can offer salt bins for commercial premises. Please contact us for a quote or further details.

More information

See our Winter Service Plan.

Outside normal office hours call on 01202 451145.

For winter driving advice visit the Think Road Safety website.