Maintaining Our Roads

We look after roads, traffic signals, drainage, street lighting, paths and bridges, to make sure they are safe to use. Please report any damage to us so we can make repairs. To help you plan your journeys around possible delays, we issue updates of any roadworks or closures.

Abandoned vehicles

How to report an abandoned vehicle to us.

Report a traffic signals fault

Tell us about a fault with a traffic light at a junction or signalised pedestrian crossing, for example pelican, puffin or toucan crossings.

Apply to turn off traffic signals

Report a fault with traffic signals. Apply to temporarily switch off traffic signals when affected by road works or street works.

Highway structural maintenance programme 2020-21

How we maintain our roads and information about the Highway structural maintenance programme 2020-21.

Apply To Close A Road

Find out how you can apply for a temporary road closure for works on the highway or street parties

Highways Funding

We have received additional funding from the Department for Transport to be spent on our highway asset in Bournemouth

Keeping Streets Safe In Extreme Weather

How we keep our streets safe in bad weather, including gritting the roads, clearing snow and dealing with flooding.

Policy and strategy

Our policy and strategies detail how we keep our roads safe and well maintained, delivering a high quality highway service achieving value for money.


How to report potholes in the road or pavement. We are responsible for the repair and maintenance of potholes to keep roads and pavements safe.


Use this interactive map to find out details of current roadworks, road closures and traffic restrictions within Bournemouth, as well as nationally.

What We Look After

As part of keeping our roads safe we also look after traffic signals, drainage, street lighting, paths and bridges.

Street works

Includes permit scheme for roadworks, working on the highway information and section 50 and section 171 licence.

Works Programme

We maintain roads, traffic signals, drainage, street lighting, paths and bridges. Our works programme tells you where and what we plan to work on