Permit scheme for road works and street works

We intend to introduce a permit scheme to control works on our road network.

Consultation Process

We are required to consult on the scheme with activity promoters (Utility companies and the Highway Authority), and apparatus owners under Section 50 of the New Roads and Street Works Act (1991) as well as any other interested stakeholders.

The purpose of the consultation is to seek views and questions from those affected by the introduction of a permit scheme and other interested parties.



We will consider whether any changes are required to the permit scheme, or whether clarification of the scope or scheme operation is required from the responses received.

  • A response can be submitted on any section of the permit scheme or in relation to the overall scope or objectives of the permit scheme.
  • Where appropriate, a reference to a specific section or paragraph in the permit scheme would be beneficial.
  • Comments will be considered within the terms of the legislative framework of the Traffic Management Act 2004 (TMA) and associated regulations and codes of practice.


All responses will be collated and clarification will be provided as necessary.

You can respond by Email or By Post:

Traffic Team
BCP Council
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