Policy and Strategy

We deliver a high quality highway service to achieve value for money in line with our corporate objectives.


Our Highway Infrastructure Asset Management (HIAM) Policy describes the principles adopted to achieve our corporate objectives. 


Our HIAM Strategy sets out how we deliver asset management to meet our corporate objectives.

Communication Strategy

Our HIAM Communication Strategy is how we tell people about highway asset management.

Highway Asset Information Strategy

Our Highway Asset Information Strategy sets out how we manage information about our assets.

Skid Resistance Strategy

Our Skid Resistance Strategy is how we manage skid resistance on the highway.

Performance Measures

Performance Measures help monitor how we deliver our highway service.

HIAM Performance Overview 15-16

HIAM Performance Overview 16-17

HIAM Performance Overview 17-18

Our Outcome Report uses performance measures to demonstrate we are achieving our objectives.

Carriageway Lifecycle Planning

Carriageway Lifecycle Planning helps to predict future condition of our highway network for different levels of investment and different maintenance approaches.

For enquires relating to Highway Infrastructure Asset Management please contact bbc.hiam@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

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