Works Programme

We maintain roads, traffic signals, drainage, street lighting, paths and bridges. Our works programme tells you where and what we plan to work on

Works Programme 2016-17 and 2017-18

Find out where and when we'll be working, and the sort of work we'll be doing. There are many types of treatments to improve condition that give value for money, which makes our maintenance funding go further.

Bournemouth's Highways Infrastructure Asset Management (HIAM) Indicative Maintenance Works Programme 2017-18

Residents Letter for Surface Dressing and Microasphalt for 2017.

Residents Letter for Carriageway Repair on West Way between Malvern Road and Brockenhurst Rd 2017.

Residents Letter for Footway Dressing starting in July 2017.

Bournemouth's Highways Infrastructure Asset Management (HIAM) Maintenance Works Programme 2016-17

Surface Treatments - Surface Dressing and Microasphalt

Surface dressing is a process using a bitumen binder sprayed on to the existing road surface, followed by a layer of stone chippings. The chippings are rolled into the binder and stick to the existing road. 

Microasphalt is a thin surface course using a bitumen emulsion and stone chipping mixture laid on an existing road surface. The material is rolled to help assist with adhesion to the road construction.

Both surface treatments require a sweeper to remove the excess chippings. Loose chippings can still cause problems so there is always a 20mph speed limit for a few days after the road has been treated.

These treatments seal the underlying road construction, making the road waterproof. It reduces the ingress of water into the structure to help protect against frost and water damage. It also improves skidding resistance and prevents potholes making the roads safer.

These treatments are cheaper than expensive reconstruction works so we can make our budget go further.

These treatments also need warm and dry weather so the works will take place between April and September.

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