We maintain Bournemouth’s streets, making sure that they are safe for travel. We work on roads, traffic signals, drainage, street lighting, paths and bridges. Our team responds to reports of damage to the roads. We also keep you updated with any roadworks that could affect your journey time.


Maintaining Our Roads

Roadworks updates and details of how to request a road closure for street parties and community events.


We maintain Bournemouth’s streetlights to make sure that our streets are well-lit  and safe during the night time.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is vandalism and is illegal. As it defaces property, you can report graffiti to us so we can remove it from your street.

Dropped kerbs

Dropped kerbs allow for vehicles to cross the public pavement to get to a private driveway.

Highways Material Licences

You need a licence if you plan to put materials or equipment, such as scaffold and skips, on public paths or roads.

Scaffolding and hoarding licence

Skip licence


We are responsible for the repair and maintenance of potholes to keep roads and pavements safe.

Pavement Cafe or Pavement Licence

You need a licence if you plan to place tables, chairs and other furniture or sales and display materials on the pavement outside your business.

Street works

Includes permit scheme for roadworks, working on the highway information and section 50 and section 171 licence.