Assessing Your Needs As A Carer

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What is a Carer's Assessment?

A carer's assessment is not a judgement on how well you provide care. It's an opportunity to talk about how being a carer affects you, and to make sure you get all the help and information available to support you. It can be done at a time and in a place that suits you (away from the person you are caring for, if you would prefer this).

As a carer you are entitled to a carer's assessment, even if the person you care for refuses social care services.

A Carer's Assessment IS...

  • Voluntary, you have a right to have an assessment, and it can help you to get support, but it is your choice if you want one.
  • Recorded, we will give you a copy of your assessment and confirm you agree with it.
  • Confidential, it will only be used to work out how we can help you.
  • Free, the assessment won't cost you anything. We use this time to explain about support you can get for free and what you may be asked to pay for.

A Carer's Assessment IS NOT...

  • A judgement on how well you provide care.
  • A way to make your caring role more official, or a way to make you do more.
  • An obligation for you to accept services that you are offered.
  • Shared with other organisations without your permission and knowledge.
  • A financial assessment leading to Carers Allowance funding. However, we can give information about benefits and entitlements you can apply for.

If Your Situation Changes

If your situation changes after you have had an assessment you can ask for a review.