Direct Payments

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A Direct Payment is a way of paying for your care and support needs

A Direct Payment is money that is paid to you (or someone acting on your behalf) on a regular basis by BCP Council's Adult Social Care Services department so you can arrange your own support instead of receiving social care services arranged by the Council.

Who can receive a Direct Payment?

Direct Payments are available to people who have been assessed as being eligible for Council-funded social care. The Direct Payment will form part or all of your Personal Budget and is used by you to pay for services which helps to support your needs as agreed in your Care and Support Plan.

What Can A Direct Payment be used for?

Your direct payment can be used to pay for anything agreed in your Care and Support Plan, for example:

  • Employing your own staff/personal assistant
  • Buying a service that helps support your needs
  • Buying a service from a private care agency
  • Buying respite care
  • Buying a mixture of the above

What a Direct Payment CANNOT be used for:

  • Paying for long term Residential Nursing Care
  • Buying a Social Care Service that is already managed by the Council for you
  • Buying anything other than what is agreed in your Care and Support Plan.

You may have to pay towards the cost of your services, depending on how much money or property you have. This is worked out from your financial assessment.

How do you pay for your part of the service cost?

You can pay into the online account by:

Setting up a standing order or as a bill payment from a bank account.

If you don’t have your own bank account, speak to your Social Care Worker who will help you with this.

How can you get your money?

The money will be paid into a Direct Payment Card Account.

Managing your Direct Payment

You should keep your own records including:

  • Invoices
  • Pay slips
  • Receipts for services or goods

For a minimum of 12 months for BCP Council monitoring and up to 6 years for tax purposes.


BCP Council needs to monitor the money paid you as a Direct Payment to make sure that your Personal Budget is being used as agreed in your Care and Support Plan. Your Social Care Worker will let you know how often they will contact you.

When setting it up, you need to give the Direct Payments Team a copy of your bank statement from the account that your contribution will be paid from. 

What happens if I find it difficult to manage?

Please let your Social Care Worker know if you have any problems with your Direct Payment.

BCP Council will let you know if the money is being spent on the wrong goods and/or services, or if we think you are struggling to cope with payments.