Safeguarding Adults

We have made changes to some of our Adult Social Care services to make sure that they are effective and safe. More details can be found here.

Our safeguarding process remains the same during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

See further information about changes to services.

Protecting adults from abuse.

Keeping people safe

Some adults may be at risk of being abused. Abuse can be a one-off or go on for longer periods, and it can happen anywhere.

We work with the police and other health and social care providers to keep people safe from harm. If you think someone is being abused, please contact Bournemouth Care Direct on 01202 454979.

What to do if someone tells you they are being abused

  • Stay calm and listen to them.
  • Offer them support.
  • Write down what they tell you using their own words.
  • Keep any evidence safe.
  • Call us or Dorset Police on 01202 222222.
  • Call 999 in an emergency.

Do not:

  • Ask them for more details.
  • Contact the person who is abusing them.
  • Promise to keep it secret.
  • Assume someone else knows what's going on and will get in touch.

Call 999 if you think someone is in immediate danger.

You can also tell a health or social care worker such as a social worker, nurse, doctor or occupational therapist.

If you contact us, we ask you for your name and contact details. This is in case we need to get in touch with you to make sure we have enough information to keep the person safe.