Appealing a Decision

You can appeal a decision made about your Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit

This section explains what to do if you think that a decision about your assessment of Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Reduction is wrong.

You can request information about our decisions and then ask us to look over it again. Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Reduction have different time limits for you to contact us. Find out about them here.

Housing Benefit

Local Council Tax Reduction

Other organisations that can help you

Advice centres like the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and law centres can represent you and help you understand the reasons for decisions about Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction. They may be able to help you to fill in forms or to write a letter.

Solicitors can also give you advice – you may be able to get this advice under the ‘Legal Advice and Assistance Scheme’. You can find out about this from a solicitor.