Email Encryption Portal

Information security is extremely important to us.

Revenue & Benefits now encrypt emails allowing us to send information to you in a safe and secure way. You will also be able to reply to us safe in the knowledge that others are not able to read your email should it not reach us.               

Emails from us will say "You have a new encrypted message from Revenue & Benefits Enquiries <revenue&>"                 

Examples of emails that you may receive                                              

You will need to register your details and create a password the first time you use the service. After that you will only need to enter your password to read and reply to subsequent emails received.                 

For security reasons the emails sent and received using this service will be automatically deleted after 30 days, but you will be able to save the content of the email yourself for future reference if you need to.                

If you want to know more, please visit the online help or contact us.

You can access your emails or request a password reset via the portal.