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Coronavirus (COVID-19): change to service

On advice from the government regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are able to offer some extra assistance to those who most need it.

See further information about changes to services.

Housing Benefit is changing, find out more. 

Housing Benefit has been replaced by Universal Credit and is no longer available for most people.  This is because Universal Credit includes a housing element.

To ensure that you apply for the correct support, please read the following statement and apply for the support that applies to you 

A) Only one of the statements need apply

  • I live in certain supported accommodation or temporary accomodation 
  • I have reached State Pension Age
  • You are part of a couple where one of you has reached State Pension Age and are receiving Pension Credit

You need to apply online for Housing and/or Council Tax

B) None of the statements in A) applies

You need to apply for Universal Credit, but remember if you  need help in paying your Council Tax bill you must apply online for Council Tax Support from your Local Authority.

How much benefit am I entitled to?

Please use one of the calculators below.

Report a change in circumstance

If you would like to report a change in your circumstances or you have changed address, let us know as soon as possible. Please complete the online form.

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