Report Housing Fraud

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Giving us false information to get benefits is a form of fraud. We take this very seriously. If you suspect someone of benefit fraud, report it to us and we’ll take it from there

Fraud is a criminal offence. Housing fraud stops council housing going to the people who really need it.

We will take legal action to evict illegal tenants and recover unlawfully occupied property.

If you think someone is committing housing fraud, please let us know.

Types of Housing Fraud

  • Making a false statement to get a property
  • Staying in a property after the tenant has moved out
  • Staying in a property after the tenant has died (unless you have a right of succession to take over the tenancy)
  • Staying in property when a joint tenancy is ended by one of the tenants
  • When property is no longer the tenants main home
  • When the entire home is unlawfully sublet
  • When an unapproved mutual exchange of property has been made
  • When a tenant has unlawfully passed their tenancy on to someone else
  • When someone moves into an empty council property without permission (squatting) 

Reporting Housing Fraud

Use the Fraud Referral Report Form

Or you can contact us or visit our offices at The Kinson Hub on weekdays between 8.30am and 5.15pm to raise your concerns.