Get ready for Universal Credit

Things that you will need to consider

Paying your rent

You will need to find out how to pay your rent when you receive your first Universal Credit claim. You will need to know things like; who your landlord is, how to pay them, what amount of rent you need to pay and what date you need to pay them on each month. Speak to your landlord / housing association to find out more about what you need to do.


Get a bank or Credit Union account

You cannot get Universal Credit paid into a post office account so you will need to set up a bank or credit union account. There are lots of options available to you, even if you have a poor credit history. To find out more about opening the right account for you call or visit your nearest bank, building society or credit union.


Practice and prepare

Making your money last a whole month can be difficult, especially if you are not used to it. Under Universal Credit you will need to make your money last until you receive your next benefit payment. You will also need to make sure that you don’t miss making any important payments such as rent or bills in this period.


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