Appeal a Decision About Your Housing Benefit

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How to appeal a decision about your Housing Benefit

If you have received a decision letter from us or a written ‘statement of reasons’ explaining our decision and you still think it is wrong, check that the letter says that you can appeal. 

If we do not change the decision, we will send your appeal with an explanation of the law and the facts used to make the decision to HM Courts and Tribunals Service. We will send a copy of the appeals papers to you and your representative if you have one. 

If you do not understand something, ask us, an advice centre or a solicitor to explain. 

Do you want to appeal against the decision?

You can apply for an appeal by filling in the appeal form. You must send it to HM Courts and Tribunals Service within 14 days of the date the form was sent to you. If you do not return it within 14 days your appeal will stop. 

Write down all the reasons for your appeal. The Tribunal will only look at the reasons you mention so make sure you mention them all. 

The form also asks you questions about how you want your appeal to be considered. You can choose between an oral hearing and a paper hearing. 

If the appeal tribunal finds you have been getting too much money, your benefit will be reduced.

The Tribunal can’t look at changes of circumstance that happened after we made the decision. If a change of circumstance has happened, you should tell us straightaway.  

Late appeals

HM Courts and Tribunals Service can only accept your appeal more than one month after the date on the decision letter if there are special circumstances that caused the delay. These could be a death, a serious illness, a postal strike, if you were abroad, or some other special circumstance. You should include the reasons why you were late on the form.

Your appeal cannot be accepted if it is made 13 months or more after the date on the decision letter.