Problems With Your Housing Benefit Decision

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What to do if you think a decision about your Housing Benefit is wrong

If you think the decision is wrong, you can ask us for an explanation. If you still think it is wrong after we have explained it to you, we will reconsider it.

If you receive a decision in writing, it is usually because you:

  • Have claimed Housing Benefit.
  • Have had a change of circumstances, which affects your Housing Benefit.
  • Have been told you have to pay back Housing Benefit. 

Do you want more information about the decision?

You can phone, write to or visit us. When you contact us, you have a choice – you can ask us to explain the reasons for the decision or you can ask us for a written ‘statement of reasons’ for the decision. You must contact us within one month of the date on the decision letter.

We will send the ‘statement of reasons’ to you as soon as we can and we will extend the one-month time period to cover the amount of time we take to send it. 

Do you want us to look at the decision again?

We can look at the decision again if you still think it’s wrong. A different member of staff will check that the decision is correct. If the decision is wrong, we will change it.

We’ll reconsider the decision if you asked us to look at our decision again, within one month, or had special circumstances for being late. We will send you a letter telling you what the new decision is. If you do not agree with the new decision, you can ask us to look at it again. 

If the decision cannot be changed

If the decision cannot be changed, we will send you a letter to confirm the original decision. The letter will tell you if you can appeal against the original decision. If you can appeal, the one-month time limit starts again from the date of the letter confirming the decision.