Bin Collections

Coronavirus (COVID-19): change to service

We are still collecting your little (household waste), big (recycling) and food waste bins as normal. However, on advice from the government regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we need you to take extra precautions with your waste to protect others.

See further information about changes to services.

We collect rubbish, food waste and recycling from your home. You can also arrange collections for large household items that don’t fit in your bins. If you live in a flat, you may share communal bins with other residents. 

Has Your Bin Been Missed?

Let us know about a missed bin and we'll get it sorted. Help us by making sure your bin's out before 5am on your collection day or the night before.

Is Your Bin Missing Or Damaged?

If your bin has been damaged or gone missing let us know and order a replacement, we can arrange a replacement or repair for you.

Household Recycling Collections - Big Bin

Your Big Bin (240L) is for your recycling. Find out what you can recycle, when we empty your bin, and what happens on bank holidays.

Household Rubbish Collections - Little Bin

Your Little Bin (140L) is for rubbish that you can't recycle. Find out what day we empty your bins, and what happens on bank holidays.

Household Bin Collections-Garden Waste

We take away and recycle your unwanted garden waste if you join our garden waste scheme in the Bournemouth area of BCP Council

Household Bin Collections - Food Waste Container

Your Food Waste Container is emptied weekly.

Communal Street Bins

Communal street bins are large bins, placed on the roadside, which residents share rather than having individual wheelie bins.

Communal Bins in Flats

You may share a communal bin for your rubbish, recycling and food rubbish. These are emptied by our collection crews.

Household Collections – White Goods, TVs and Furniture

We can arrange collection of large household items or bulky waste that won't fit in your bins. We collect fridges, TVs, beds, mattresses, sofas etc

Medical sharps

Information about medical sharps and how to arrange a collection.