Communal Bins in Flats

What to do if you share communal bins in a block of flats

If you live in a block of flats with communal bins, you will have a bin store or designated bin area for the large bins you share with your neighbours. You may have bins for rubbish, recycling, food waste or green waste.

You don’t need to put your communal bins out at the kerbside for collection. Our crews will collect your communal bins from the bin storage area. Collection crews won’t be able to empty your bins if they can’t move them out the bin store. Don’t place furniture, rubbish or recycling on the floor around the bins even if they are full. 

Please don’t use your rubbish bins for:

  • Bulky items such as furniture or electrical items
  • Rubble or building materials
  • Soil 


You can place paper, cans, glass, cardboard, cartons, plastic bottles and food containers in your recycling bin.

We suggest that you wash and squash your recycling. That way, you can fit more in the bin and it’s less likely to be filled before collection day.

Plastic bags can’t go in the recycling bin so please leave your recyclables loose and not bagged.