Food Waste Containers - Flats

How food waste collections work for flats

If your flat already has a Little Bin (140L) for household rubbish collections, we automatically give you a Food Waste Container (12L).

If your flat has shared bins you have to opt-in to get your Food Waste Bins. 

How do I opt-in?

Get in touch with us and say you want to get a Food Waste Bin for your block of flats or shared house.

We’ll ask you for:

  • Your name
  • Your telephone number
  • The number of flats at the property
  • The contact details for the managing agents

Your managing agents will have to agree before we can supply your Food Waste Bins.

Then we’ll arrange a visit to come and see if the other tenants are interested in joining. We’ll assess what size shared Food Waste Bin you might need. 

What kind of communal food waste containers will I get?

If your managing agents agree, we’ll provide your block of flats, or shared house, with either a Little Bin (140L) or Big Bin (240L) with a brown lid to show it’s only for food waste.

We’ll offer each flat a small kitchen caddy (5L), and a roll of compostable liners. You can empty the food waste from your kitchen caddy into the shared bin with the brown lid.

The shared Food Waste Bin (with the brown lid) will be emptied once a week.