New garden waste bin sizes in Bournemouth

In January 2021, Bournemouth's garden waste bins are increasing in size to 240 litres, in line with Christchurch and Poole's bins.

The process will start from 18 January and will take around six weeks to complete. Bins will be swapped on your normal collection day. Please ensure that your bin is always out by 5am even if you normally have an afternoon collection and put bins out regardless of whether they have garden waste in or not.

The old bins will be chipped and recycled and we will receive an income for the plastic and metal.

New bin sizes

The dimensions of the new 240 litre bins are 1020mm height x 580mm width x 725mm depth.

Keeping your current bin instead of swapping

If you don't have space for a larger bin or only produce a small amount of waste, you can keep your 140 litre bin.

When you register for the 2021 service, you will be given the option to keep your 140 litre bin or to swap to the larger bin.

The cost of the service will remain the same as it covers the cost of collection rather than the disposal of the waste.

If you do not choose the option of keeping your 140 litre bin when you sign up for garden waste, you will receive a larger 240 litre bin.

Any new customers will be provided with the standard 240 litre bin.

You cannot keep both bins.

Putting your sticker on your bin

Please only put your 2021 payment sticker on your new bin.

If you haven’t received your new bin by the time the 2021 service starts from 15 February, please continue to present your bin with the 2020 sticker and it will still be emptied until you receive your new bin.

If you have accidentally put your sticker on your old bin and you can't remove it, please email us at

Bin collection days

If you haven't received your renewal pack and calendar, you can still check to see when your garden waste collections are taking place here. 

Please continue to place your bin/s out on the right collection day, even if you haven't got any garden waste in them, until it is swapped over.

If you haven't registered for the 2021 service

If you are not registering for the 2021 service, you won't have a new bin delivered but your 140 litre bin will still be collected so it must be put out at the kerbside by 5am on your usual collection day. 

The crew will collect all garden waste bins that are put out at the kerbside.

If you've recently registered for the 2021 service 

If you've recently registered for the 2021 service or you plan to register to receive this service, your new bin and information pack will be sent out within six weeks. 

If you live in a flat with larger bins

The 2021 registration process is different for flats using shared bins.

If you are new to the garden waste collection service, please register and pay online.

If you are renewing and already have bins, we are making some changes for 2021 so we will be contacting you soon to discuss the bins you have and arrange payment.

If you haven't received your new bin

If your bin has not been swapped and your neighbours have, please contact us on 01202 451199 and we will arrange for a crew to come out when they are next in your area.

If bins in the whole road have not been swapped, it may be that the crew have not got to you yet and your bins will be swapped on your next collection day. You do not need to contact us in this instance.

The crew delivering the new bins will not be directly behind those removing the old ones so please can you not contact us to report a missed bin swap for 24hrs after your 140 litre bin has been taken away.

The bins will be laid down on the pavement after collection before the wheels are removed and they are taken away, so please don't pick them up, wait for them to be taken away.

Personalising your new bins

Your new bins will have space for you to write you house/street on the lid. However, in order to help identify which bins relate to which property some households personalise their bins by adding additional house number stickers.

We are happy for residents to do this, within reason, as long as the bin can clearly be identified as being your garden waste bin. The relevant year’s payment sticker must also be clearly visible otherwise your bin may not be emptied.

The bin will always remain the property of BCP Council, who will not be responsible for replacing any personalisation or financial reimbursement under any circumstances.