Big Bin - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find out about using your Big Bin

How do I get a Big Bin?

If you don’t have a Big Bin or you would like an extra one, please get in touch. If you’re renting, please get in touch with your landlord if you want an extra or new Big Bin. It’s the landlord’s job to sort this out with us.

Can I order a replacement bin? 

Do I have to pay for a new Big Bin? 

Yes. A new Big Bin costs £55 and we will ask you to pay this fee.

If you’re on housing or income support or other benefits, you might get a free bin. 

What if I need help getting my bin out?

If you’re elderly or have a disability and don’t have anyone to help you put your bin out, we’ll try to help.

Please apply online or give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.. 

What other collections do you offer?

Can I recycle at school?

Yes. We will collect paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass and cans from schools for recycling. Please get in touch for more information 

Primary schools

Bournemouth's Wise Up 2 Waste education pack (produced in partnership with Marks & Spencer) offers curriculum support for primary schools. The education pack is targeted at primary school teachers and provides supporting educational materials. Please get in touch for more information.  

Bournemouth Green Schools

If your school is already part of the Bournemouth Green Schools there is a Waste and Recycling module your school can complete. If your school has not joined Bournemouth Green Schools please get in touch to find out more.