Household Rubbish Collection – Little Bin

Your black rubbish bin (140L) is for all the rubbish that you can’t recycle

Coronavirus (COVID-19): change to service

On advice from the government regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), some services have changed. Find our latest information and advice about bins, waste and recycling services in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

See further information about changes to services.

Depending on your circumstances, each household has been allocated one of the following two options:

  • standard: 140 litre black rubbish bin
  • bag and box: 2 authorised blue sacks per fortnight

There is a charge of £12.50 per year for authorised blue sacks. Please use our online form to request sacks.

Disposing of your lateral flow testing kit at home

With many people now taking lateral flow tests for COVID-19 at home, please follow our advice on how to safely dispose of your used testing kit:

  • place all of the items from the test and the plastic packaging into the bag provided and then put into your general waste bin for disposal - it cannot be recycled. This applies whether the test result is positive or negative
  • if there are disposable gloves and masks in the test kit, these cannot be recycled either and should be put in with your general waste
  • all the cardboard packaging and information leaflet that the test came with can be put in your recycling bin.

Your rubbish bin

Your black rubbish bin (140L) is for all the rubbish that you can’t recycle.

Rubbish bins and recycling bins are collected on alternate weeks. Rubbish is collected one week and your recycling the next. Food waste is still collected weekly.

What not to put in your rubbish

Please don't put any of the following in your little bin. You can recycle many of these items in your recycling, food, or garden waste bins or at Millhams Recycling Centre, Christchurch Household Recycling Centre (based on Wilverley Road) or Nuffield Household Waste and Recycling centre.:

Using your bin

  • make sure the bin is at the edge of your property, where the waste collection team can see it from the road and collect it easily
  • make sure your bin lid is closed
  • don’t put out any extra rubbish bags for collection
  • if your bin is too heavy to be wheeled to the back of our collection vehicle then we can’t empty it

When do I put my bin out?

Please put your bin out by 5am on your bin day.

You can put your bins out after 6pm the day before your bin collection day.

Please bring your bins in to your property as soon as you can so they don’t block the pavement. 

Check your bin collection date

Where should I put my bin for collection?

Place your bin where we can easily reach it without having to enter your property. You could put it:

  • At the end of your drive.
  • At the end of your garden path.
  • On the pavement, close to your house.

The bin needs to be on the very edge of your property or on the pavement. If you have a gate, please leave it open for us. 

What if my bin isn’t emptied?

You might want to double check you have the right day.

If your bin hasn’t been emptied, please wait until the next day before you report it. Our crews work all day and they may collect your rubbish later than you expected.