Little Bin - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find out about using your Little Bin

How do I get a Little Bin?

If you don’t have a Little Bin you can order a replacement.

If you need an extra Little Bin, you need to check you qualify before applying.

If you’re renting, please get in touch with your landlord if you want an extra or new Little Bin. It’s the landlord’s job to sort this out with us.

Can I order a replacement bin? 

Do I have to pay for a new Little Bin? 

Yes. A new Little Bin costs £43 and we will ask you to pay this fee.

If you’re on income based benefits, you might get a free bin. 

What if I need help getting my bin out?

If you’re elderly or have a disability and don’t have anyone to help you put your bin out, we’ll try to help. Please contact us and we’ll see what we can do. 

What other collections do you offer?

What happens if I have excess waste that won't fit in my bin? Can I have an extra one?

Over 60% of Bournemouth’s waste can be recycled in the Big Bin, and over a third of the waste we currently throw away is food. The small amount of waste that can’t be separated into these two bins should fit into your Little Bin.

As you have less room in your rubbish bin, it is important to think more about what you are wasting and recycle as much as you can now. We will not take excess rubbish placed on top of, next to or overflowing from Little Bin. Extra rubbish will need to be taken to Millhams Community Recycling CentreChristchurch Household Recycling Centre or Nuffield Household Waste and Recycling centre.

Residents who meet a set of specific criteria can apply for an additional refuse bin. Households with five or more permanent occupants, two or more babies in nappies or with an occupant who lives with a medical condition that generates extra waste may apply for a second 140 litre bin. You can apply for an additional refuse bin here.

What advice and information will be available to help residents?

There are plenty of ways to cut down the amount of waste you have to throw away. The recycling team run a number of waste prevention campaigns. These include Real Nappy Incentive SchemeGive or Take DaysRepair Café and Love Food Hate Waste. They help the community reduce the waste we produce and to reuse more stuff.

You can also check our A-Z for ideas about how to reduce and reuse your things.

Over a third of waste thrown away in Bournemouth is food waste, this means using your food waste service will help to free up space in the rubbish bin. It currently costs us £40 per tonne more to dispose of food waste in the rubbish bin, than it costs to dispose of it in the food waste caddy. If you don't have or need a larger food waste container you can apply for a 23L food waste container.

It also costs us £75 more per tonne to dispose of recycling in the Little Bin than it does in the Big Bin for recycling. This means we need to encourage more people to recycle. Extra recycling can be collected from a cardboard box next to your bin on your collection day. If you regularly overfill your recycling bin, you can apply for extra recycling bins.

What happens if I live in a flat?

Flats which currently have the Big Bin, Little Bin arrangement in place should have the same collection arrangements as houses. Flats that use a communal bin currently have a weekly rubbish collection. If we haven’t visited already, then your property will need to have a site visit to determine the suitability of refuse collections on alternate weeks. In the coming months, all flats with communal bins will be visited.

What happens to my rubbish?

We collect over 150 tonnes of household waste every day. Most of this is processed at an MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment) facility in Dorset.

They sort it to remove metals from the rubbish. The biodegradable fraction is then composted into a low-quality material used to cap landfills and neutralise contaminated land.

Some items are also processed for energy recovery and a small amount is sent to landfill.