Communal Street Bins

Communal bins are large bins, placed on the roadside, which residents share rather than having individual wheelie bins. Due to the positive feedback from Bournemouth residents who recently trialled the bins, we plan to extend the scheme.

Where will communal bins be installed?

Areas with a lot of housing, where large numbers of wheelie bins block the pavement on collection day and residents struggle to find space to store all their different bins. We look for areas where residents would benefit most from this new approach. 

Benefits of communal bins

  • Less fly tipping – reports of fly tipping are lower in communal bin areas
  • Clearer pavements – wheelchairs and pushchairs can use the pavements more easily when they are not blocked by large numbers of wheelie bins
  • Neater looking streets - residents in communal bin areas reported an improvement in how their street looked, as people no longer had to squeeze bins onto their property

More regular collections

Communal bins are collected more often, because they offer less capacity than an entire street’s wheelie bins combined. So you won't be stuck with an overflowing bin.

Close to your home

We plan the placement of communal bins carefully so that you only need to walk a maximum of about 10 meters to the nearest bin. 

Recycling continues

There are communal recycling bins too.

We appreciate and encourage recycling and want to make sure your efforts are not wasted. Because there is more risk of non-recyclable waste getting into shared recycling bins, we’re trialling locked recycling bins in some areas. Please contact us if you live in one of these trial areas and would like to recycle. We’ll arrange for a key to be delivered.

Help for people who are physically unable to use the communal bins

If you are not able to use the communal bins, you may be eligible for an assisted collection. Please complete the assisted collection form to ask for help.

No change to garden waste or food waste

If you use the garden waste or food waste services, please continue to use these in the same way you do now.